Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend – guide, tips and tricks

Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend
Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend

What is Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend?

Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend is an app that belongs to the category Strategy. Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend represents colorful type od graphics and its size is in the range of 20 – 50 mb. The app is dedicated to: man and woman especially at the age 18-25. The app is available on Google Play. The basic guide is on the application page in the store.

Description from the game developer

The Vikings are known for their ambitions to invade lands, but now they are the ones who must defend themselves against invaders. The invaders, also known as the force of evils suddenly arise. Where do they come from? No one knows. They attack people and destroy the Kingdom. The Kingdom and its alliances struggle to survive. Lives, families, separation… are meaningless to these monsters. Fields rot. Woods burn. The common folks suffer. Devastation is everywhere! The Kingdoms have but one choice: to defend! Are you ready to fight?
Kingdom Defense will not cease to bring you an exciting game experience. You need not only good planning and strategy in each battle, but also the ability to manage time and resources wisely as well as skillfully control your heroes.

Our review

“Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend” is very educational game. It is noteworthy that the producer spent plenty of time to publish it. Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend is a title that is worth downloading and at least test. It is price noting that this application is very modern and already has many fans. However, all innovation is in a very simplicity and a noteworthy approach to improving defenses. Developer says that people should download it because it is contemporary. What`s vital is that the app features a tiny size, so it`s worth checking what`s going on. It seems that tower defense game is straightforward and pleasant.

Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend

Advantages of the application:

  • nice graphics;
  • small application size;
  • hooking;

Where to download Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend?

Killing enemies is a nice thing, You`ll be able to download this easy app quickly from Google or Amazon. You will find it in the Strategy category.

Tips, tricks and guide?

  1. save cash
  2. do not spend cash on anything
  3. read the tips on the screen

At the moment there`s no data regarding the facilitations in using this application. No one reported issues exploitation Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend. The basic guide is on the application page in the store. Below a comment from the store:

“There r plenty bug in the game. 1.the tournament will stuck at 2.00++ minutes and a display of a list of name with 0.0s in that display and 2 button given to me ,a blue(continue)button and a green (continue)button .there will be no effect to press the blue one and when i press the green one it return back to the game map. 2.the game itself will freeze sometime that u cant upgrade ur tower , u gonna need to press at another place wait a while then u only can upgrade it. we know after u finish a level first time, u given a chance to pick up 3 box to claim prize. The second time is given by spending 50gems or watch a video . After watching the video, the display is freeze , thats is confusion that actually u can pick up 3 boxes ady but the display is confusing that auto button is missing and there r more.”

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