Fighting Depression? There is an app for Android


An application to fight depression?

Brain Defense is not just entertainment. This is also a game that helps you understand the patterns of negative feelings. Everything starts in the brain. All reactions and diseases respond to hormones.
In the game you fight with emotions that want to attack the Neuron. If they completely infect it, the disease will cover the entire brain. So if you let depression dominate the brain, then the disease is guaranteed. Same with aggression and fear.

In this game you fight with depression, anger and fear.

But in the game you can prevent this invasion and make the body healthy. However, glucose is needed for efficient functioning of the hormonal system. Particularly important for the efficient work of brain cells is glucose, which freely passes through the blood-brain barrier and is an energy fuel. Therefore, it is important to consume carbohydrates. On average, we eat 150-300g of carbohydrates in our diet, which is enough to cover the energy needs of brain cells.

Glucose and motivation points

In the game you can raise your glucose level by setting up Glucose Factory. This building is available from level 15. However, once you acquire this building, you can use it in earlier levels. This way you can get more motivation points for buying brain enhancements.

In Brain Defense you learn that you can work on your brain and your personal development. Although many things depend on hormones, but before they start working, negative emotions first come from the outside world. That’s exactly what this game is about to stop depression before it dominates the brain. So both in life and in the game, you must already be at the beginning of the problem.

The most important is personal development, that is to improve the shooting turrets, which are key in the fight against enemies. First, we need to earn motivation points to buy specific turrets. The most expensive are the injuries and are the most effective.
However, soetimes it is only enough to raise the range of a given turret and then reach an enemy that is far away from the target.

Below the table get ill for depression. Keep in mind that this is a very serious threat.

Major depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States.


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