Defend yourself and develop your skills in the game

Tower Defense games have two important features. Fans of these games say that the greatest fun of playing them is defense against the enemy and developing the possibility of firing towers.

Defense of the main target

In Brain Defense, you must prevent the enemies from coming into contact with the target, in this case with Neuron. Just as in a living organism, touching Neuron will result in the loss of life points. It’s a similar idea to other developers (GemCraft, KIngdom Rush).

However, as in tower defense sometimes, the target can not defend itself. Therefore, his defense consists in placing firing beams that shoot enemies with various bullets. In addition to standard injuries, enemies can be damaged by others, such as a decrease in speed of movement.

The defense of the main purpose consists not only in buying the pellets, but also in their proper location. Even a large number of perennials will not achieve their effect when they are placed in the wrong places. That’s why tower defense games require a lot of player involvement and ingenuity. More about the specifics of the game>

Desktop Tower Defense is one of the first TD games. The characteristics and principles of this species are still very popular.

Developing skills (gaining experience points)

As we mentioned above, building pins alone will not help much if the player does not plan a wider defense tactic. Because to complete the higher levels of the game, you must improve your skills. In this case, you need to improve your brain skills.

Because, the whole game takes place in the human brain, it is important to gradually improve gunshots. For example, we can improve the Dopamine spruce. In order to increase the level of damage it causes, you can lower the cost of its purchase and its range.

In the case of a blue tower, improving it, we can increase the power of slowing enemies and range of fire. In turn, the third tower is available only after the higher levels have been completed and it allows paralyzing enemies who stand still for a moment.

td 2d
2d view, is the most popular graphics in tower defense games.

Tower defense games develop your mind

Perhaps that’s why everyone loves to play it. The gameplay is both simple and complicated. Of course, by getting improvement points, the game will become simple and all strategies will not be necessary. That’s what it’s all about to choose one of two ways; either and you’re combining or upgrading your shooting spears. Depending on the person, each path is good, because it requires a different way of thinking.

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