Brain Defense – tower defense online

Brain Defense in browser

Welcome to Brain Defense. This is a game that entertains and teaches. the rules are simple, you must overcome anger, depression, jealousy, etc. so that these do not reach the neuron. Everything happens in the brain, so try not to lose. The game is available in every browser. you can also run it on your smartphone. A lot of adventures and struggles with natural enemies await you!

The game happens in the human brain, and Jealousy is one of the most serious enemies; -0

Saving the game state

Your achievements in the game are saved in the browser. This means that when you delete cookies, you will also delete your achievements. we recommend adding exceptions to your browser so that you do not lose your achievements.

No pay to win

The game is completely free and is intended for adults and adolescents. You do not have to pay anything, because this game can be completed without paying. The game is also available on Google Play, but that version will no longer be developed. The browser version available on this site is up-to-date and will continue to be developed.

Is it a flash game or html5

Brain Defense is a game created in the html5 version, which means that they act like a Flash game. HTML5 is not a programming language, but rather it delivers APIs for new solutions like Canvas, WebGL or WebAudio, which are responsible for crucial components within game creation allowing them to run in the browser. It is worth mentioning that society ports libraries from mature Flash to JavaScript language, something that undoubtedly carries positive effects: it allows Flash developers to become familiar with HTML5 faster.